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I think the unexpected gift that day was that peace was birthed into this world despite the violence that threatened it. Indeed, peace is still being birthed into this world despite the violence that currently threatens it. Over the past few days, the news has been dominated by the escalating tensions between our country and Iran. And I think it’s a good time to be reminded that we’ve never found peace by killing our enemies. More often than not, killing our “enemies” ends up creating even more of them.
You see, there was a cruel tyrant who always felt insecure about himself. So insecure, in fact, that he was scared of a baby. And people who are insecure lash out. He had been told that this baby would grow old and save the people that he enjoyed oppressing. He, after all, was a political leader who thrived on oppression. Things worked best for him when the people thought he was their savior. But this baby was about to change all of that and he would have none of it.