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When the powers that be are doing everything they can to make America white again, and you tell them the story of Pentecost when God brought all kinds of folks together of different skin colors and languages to work together for the common good, people are gonna think you’re speaking in tongues.
You see, this thing we call discipleship is a wild and precious journey.  It takes us from what we are used to and transports us to unfamiliar places where we find a familiar grace.  Sure, I had never been to Macedonia or Philippi.  However, I sure did recognize the hospitality that was shown us by Lydia and her family.  It was the hospitality that was first shown to me when I was on the road to Damascus and I was struck blind and had to be led back home and cared for for several days.  I’ve received that hospitality.  And I believe it is my duty to reciprocate it.  
By the year 2044, white non-Hispanics will be a minority in this country. Will those who are soon to no longer be the majority treat this with curiosity and welcome or fear and anger?