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You see, Christmas is not about the warm, fuzzy feelings. It’s not about the parties, or the presents, or the pound cakes. Christmas is really about one thing: the invasive love of God.
Friends, make no mistake of it: this is the rhetoric of revolution. This is the kind of talk that strikes fear in the hearts of those in power.
Let us not think only about what brings us joy in this Advent season, but let us meditate on what brings God joy.
Together, we wait for God's beloved thief who will come to steal from us that which we need to let go to welcome the new heaven and new earth.
We are called, in this Season of Advent, to be on guard and alert not out of some sense of paranoia but instead out of hopeful anticipation for what God is doing in the world.

A Community of Love

November 19, 2018
When we provoke one another in acts of love and good deeds, it is kind of like we are poking one another, challenging one another to hold ourselves accountable to go above and beyond to do these acts of love and good deeds and not just talk about them.

The Greatest Gift

November 11, 2018
God's abundance is not limited by our lack of imagination or fear.

The Greatest Commandment

November 4, 2018
We cannot separate loving our neighbor from loving God. Period.
But something stirred within him that day. Jesus had brought out a stubbornness in him; a stubbornness that he guessed could be the “faith” his healer had just mentioned. A stubbornness to hope in the goodness and beauty of the world despite everything that seemed to indicate otherwise.