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Now is not the time for silence. Silence only empowers the foxes.
Cultivate resilience. Let go of the distraction. And you might just find the freedom that you seek in order to follow Christ on this Lenten journey.
A reading of a beautiful blog post by Barb Morris.
We mustn't stay on the mountain. The valleys are plentiful and THAT'S where Jesus calls us.

Family Matters

February 24, 2019
According to this passage, the Christian narrative is nothing if it is not about restorative justice.

Blessings and Woes

February 17, 2019

To Wash or Cast

February 11, 2019
The time is here: do we wash our nets or cast them in deeper waters?
The Gospel takes on many forms. And many of those forms stir the pot and threaten the status quo.

The Blessed Body

January 27, 2019
Sometimes one part of the body is hurting and the other parts of the body have to call an audible to compensate for the disability. Sometimes too much focus is given to one part of the body and the other part of the body suffers because of it. Having all the members work together to form a body that can live a fulfilling and productive life is no small task.
Baptism is no mere appetizer; it's a full, five-course meal to be celebrated and explored!