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Beaumont takes pride in fulfilling spiritual, emotional and physical care of all those in our community.  Although we encourage regularity in worship attendance and in the fellowship and educational programs of the church, we provide help and attention to all who may be in some form of crisis due to illness, familial death, surgical recovery or sensitive issues requiring comfort and guidance.  Faithful stewardship is available to anyone in need.


Every Sunday, immediately following Sunday service, we encourage congregational fellowship of all attendees.  Coffee, lemonade, ice water and snacks are served as we gather together.  It creates an atmosphere for sharing past week experiences, as well as plans for the upcoming week(s).  We find it encourages all church members and visitors/guests to get to know each other better.  It is an opportunity to learn about future church events, and to talk with our pastor.



Within our intercessions, we believe Jesus is the Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the end.  He works through our hearts when someone is in need and requires prayer.  The Beaumont Prayer Group is dedicated to offering up prayers on behalf of each other, the congregation, staff, friends, families, our country and world at large, addressing requests and concerns made known to them.  This includes experiencing God’s presence in our midst, seeking God’s will in our lives, and engaging in the sacred joy of praying for others.  An email is sent to all congregation members each Friday informing them of those in need of dedicated prayer.  Those that wish to remain anonymous to the congregation at large are supported in prayer within the Prayer Team.


Meal Team Ministry

Our church community reaches out to anyone in our church family in times of need, both joyful and sorrowful.  When things become overwhelming, we are here to help.  Prepared meals will be delivered to relieve daily pressures from life’s adversities. 

Pot Luck Dinners

Multiple times a year, we organize potluck meals.  It creates a fun time for fellowship and getting to know each other better.  This congregation has some fabulous cooks, so it is always a great meal and a good time.  Even if you find yourself without the time or energy to fix a dish, all are welcome as we always have plenty of food.  These events are well-attended and they add another dimension to our lives together.



Beaumont is committed to an ongoing homebound ministry as a way of sharing Christ’s love with members of our church family unable to attend services and join in fellowship.  We visit our homebound members and their families every few months.  In an attempt to keep everyone informed, we mail or email bulletins, calendars and devotionals throughout the year.  Home communion is available upon request.